-Learn the art of developing horses-

Evan Bonner is now taking applications for internship positions. Interns will be assistant trainers in Evan's Horse Development Program. Interns will work under Evans direct supervision in developing horses on the ground and in the saddle. Evans program takes in horses of a wide variety of backgrounds so interns will gain valuable experience in many different types of horses. Interns also learn details of horse management, barn management, running a business and working with clients. Evan has studied with some of the best in the industry including Peter Campbell, Dennis Reis and Pat Parelli and is willing to share his insights with dedicated students. 

What will you learn? 

Evan does not teach a finite method but rather principles of effective leadership. Evan teaches students the important concept of Foundation Before Specialization. Evan has experience in a wide variety of equine sports and endeavours and teaches the best aspects of each to give students a strong well-rounded foundation in horsemanship. Evan teaches students the importance how to become Horsemen before they become Sportsmen.  


Interns are required to have reliable transportation to Evan's facility located in Port Orchard Washington. The program runs on varying days Monday-Friday with some weekends. Interns must be able to commit at least 4 hours each week into the program but are allowed to participate as many days as they wish. 

principles that students will learn: 

  • The difference between forcing a horse and allowing him to learn
  • How to get response with respect
  • Learning how to get the horse ready for whatever you are presenting him.
  • What it means to work the inside of the horse vs the outside
  • How to be more effective with ALL  your horse training endeavours.
  • Gaining high-level bonding and obedience on the ground and how that transfers over to riding. 
  • How to be successful with any technique or method. 
  • Building a horse's trust and respect rather than making them dull through endless desensitizing. 

Intern Application 

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