Not everyone learns best in a group environment, and for these people private lessons are a great option. It's like your own personal clinic with coaching that will fast track your progress. Private lessons are a great way to get your specific problems or questions answered and walk away with a new depth of knowledge and skill to improve on. Students of any level are welcome to participate in private lessons. Time Frame: 1-3 hours. Cost: $50/hour.


Share the cost of the lesson time with a friend. Learning from watching each other give process information and formulate questions. Semi-private lessons can also be focused on specific skills or activities that the students choose (i.e. ground manners, trail preparation, lead changes etc.Time Frame: 2-3 hours for 2 students. Cost $35/hour/person


For those students who would rather learn in a smaller group environment and prefer assistance with a particular area, a group lesson may be the best choice. This is great for families or friends at a barn to learn from each other. You will have time to practice, think about questions and observe the other horses. Group lessons will be designed to meet the needs of your group. Time Frame: 2-3 hours for 3-4 students. Cost $25/hour/person.

Horse Evaluations 

Buying a new horse (or your first horse) can be a very important thing to be educated on. Understanding if the horse you're looking at has a disposition, or education that will suit your level of skill and confidence is an important thing to consider. You might also want to know things about confirmation, feet, etc. I can assist you either in person or if necessary via video. Since most people only buy a few horses in their lives, it makes sense to consult with someone who has had experience with thousands of horses, who can help you find the perfect horse for you.



Video Coaching

Are you having a simple problem with your horse? Do you simply want feedback but are too far away to take a clinic or a lesson? Many people email me and send me questions about how to help their horse with a particular problem or because they have gotten stuck. Without seeing the horse in question and without seeing how you interact with the horse, my answer is usually "it all depends..."

With Video Coaching, you can film yourself and receive feedback– either via e-mail or a telephone call — that will give you strategies and suggestions to help you progress.

Many students will find that consistent video coaching sessions will help them stay on track and keep progressing.  It gives them a program to follow and feedback keeps them motivated. 

Video Coaching is $1 per minute of video sent via CD, DVD or YouTube.  



Colt Starting

"Colt Starting" is when a horses riding education begins. This can only take place after a horse has been successfully gentled. A horse continues to process of accepting the human and learns that we are a herd leader. We can direct their feet. From here we can introduce their first saddle, rider and bit in a way where we are doing it for and with the horse...not to him. A good start isn't just something...a good start is everything. A good start paves the way for a lifetime of good experiences. I take a limited number of horses in training and for colt starting I recommend a 1-2 month commitment to achieve the best results. 

See the Evan Bonner Horse Development Program for details and pricing. 


Wild Horse Taming

"Taming" or "Gentling" refers to the stage in a horse's development when they learn to be confident with the human and accept them into their world. This can take place in 10 minutes with a newborn foal during imprint training. It may take several weeks for a horse that was born in the wild and never sees a human until they mature. A horse can be considered "tame" when they are 100% certain that you are not going to hurt him. I have learned many methods from my mentors on gentling and taming wild and/or untouched horses.