My Start in Horses

I grew up in beautiful Western Washington and was obsessed with horses at an early age. My family purchased our first horse in 2000 when I was 12 years old. It wasn't long after that my family and I were trying to absorb as much knowledge as we could. We attended clinics, expos and demonstrations by a variety of clinicians and trainers in many different disciplines. 

Early Life

My horse career began early. Trail rides, horse shows, fox hunts...we did just about every activity there was to do with horses. At 13 I entered 4-H and  began showing horses.  At 16 I entered Pony Club and began dabbling in Dressage, Jumping and Eventing. I even tried my hand at Bareback Bronc Riding (an exciting, but short lived career). I eventually became more interested in learning about "horse training" rather than just riding.

Early Education

In 2003 I attended my first Pat Parelli seminar...the same year my family purchased my now retired mare "Spook". I learned a great deal studying the Parelli program as well as from many other great clinicians over the years including: Dennis Reis, Buck Brannaman, John Lyons, Craig Cameron, Clinton Anderson... there were just too many to list! 

The Beginning of my Career

At the age of 19 I decided that a career in training horses seemed to be something I was interested in. I began a training business centered starting colts and working with problem horses. Eventually I realized that I needed to become skilled at teaching the owner, not just the horse. I began teaching private lessons, group lessons and even small clinics. 





Improving through Competition

To further my skills as a presenter and horseman, starting in 2008 I began competing in Colt-Starting challenges. Over 8 years I competed in a variety of contests and venues all over the country including in Las Vegas during the NFR! I have also competed in Working Equitation and the Extreme Cowboy Race!

Learning to become a Horseman

In 2015 I met renowned horseman Peter Campbell. Peter had been a personal friend and long time student of the late great Tom Dorrance. Peter had a huge influence on me and taught me how to begin working the inside of the horse, rather than just the outside. I have continued to ride and learn from Peter and am humbled every time see him work. 


Today I continue to work at helping the world be a better place for horses and their owners. I strive to learn more every day with every horse I touch.