What makes Evan's training different? 

Evan specializes in "Foundation Training". Evan believes in Foundation before Specialization. Many people choose to send their horse to a trainer who specializes in a specific discipline or sport. While this is alright for some, Evan believes in order to develop the best horses, we must focus on the "all-around-ness" of the equine sports. Build a good cake (foundation), then think about how good the icing can be. Think of it as having a wide-angle lens on a camera. For example, Working Equitation, Extreme Cowboy Race and Versatility Ranch Horse are "all-around" competitions. 

We want all of our horses to have the following qualities: 

  1. Calmness: We need to get relaxation without dullness.
  2. Smarts: When our horses can become puzzle solvers.
  3. Bravery: Teach your horse to follow our lead through the most adverse situations. 
  4. Athleticism: We develop  strength and longevity through gymnastic exercises on the ground and undersaddle. 

In order to have a great foundation, we need to develop the horse in the following areas:

  • Bonding, obedience and yielding exercises that we teach on the ground
  • Arena exercises
  • Outside living and outside riding
  • Purpose


1. Confidence: Our job is to help horses be more confident through exposure and experience (horses are naturally skeptical of people, places, changes and things). We use rhythm, relaxation and retreat to develop confidence with and for the horse, not to the horse. 

2. Yielding: From/to steady pressure. There are yields from the halter, yields from the bit, yields from our legs/spur and yields from the stick/flag. The measure of respect is "appropriate response to pressure". The only way to get respect is to apply pressure appropriately. We do this by setting up boundaries - nothing bad or emotional about it, but put on pressure (as steady as a fence post) and holding the horse accountable for the boundary we set (hope is not a good strategy).  

3. Purpose: We empower the skills we've taught the horse by giving it purpose. Horses often don't understand the meaning of what we are asking of them until they understand the purpose. We look for opportunities to apply what we teach them as much as possible in a way where the horse has a responsibility. When a horse learns to focus on his job, he'll be a much better partner. 


How does it work?

  • Your horse will be in the program for 30, 60 or 90 days and will receive over 20 hours handling and riding each month. 
  • You are encouraged to come out at least once a week to work hands-on with Evan. 
  • Training days can be scheduled in advanced and Evan will work with you to create a schedule that fits your lifestyle and needs.
  • Each horse that goes into the program will be given exposure in multiple areas of development including: ground manners on a halter, connection in the round pen, free-forward motion under saddle, developing posture and balance and trail riding preparation. 
  • Evan provides a personalized training curriculum for the horse owner to study to achieve the best possible results. Horse owners also receive discounts on lessons and clinics with their horse in future. 

What does it cost?

  • The cost is $1100.00 per month which will include 20 hours of training. A $550 deposit is required to hold your spot for your horse. This price includes full care board and both hay and bedding. 
  • Transfers to later in the year will be allowed if your training spot can be filled. If your training spot cannot be filled there is no transfer or refund awarded.
    • Cancellation prior to 60 days: 50% deposit refunded.
    • Cancellation 30-60 days: 25% deposit refunded
    • Cancellation 30 days or fewer: No refund.

Current 2016/2017 Training Spots Available:

December: 0

January: 4

February: 4