• Olympic Glen Arena (map)

We are excited to announce we will be holding another Trina Campbell Clinic April 14th-15th at our facility! 

There are 2 classes available. Choose from Foundation Horsemanship and Horsemanship 1. 

This is a great oppurtunity to gain a new understanding of your horse -- how they move, why they move, and when to direct. This clinic helps horse and human gain confidence, safety, and the ability to understand the horse. Remember horsemanship is easy -- get the horse to want to be with you whether you are on the ground or on his back!

- In the Foundation Horsemanship class (April 14th-15th 9am-12pm) you will learn all the fundamentals of understanding your horse from the ground and his back. Learn how to properly use the rope, flag, and other tools that can enhance your ability with your horse. 

- Horsemanship 1 (April 14th-15th 1pm-4pm)
will build on what was taught in Foundation Horsemanship and advancing your level of horsemanship. 

Each class is $295, but if you sign up to ride in both classes its a discount of $500!

Auditors are welcome for $30 per day. 

Rental stalls are available if needed for $15 a day. 

Please contact Cassie Olsen or Evan Bonner to reserve spot in clinic, spaces are extremely limited: 
Phone: 360-631-0322
email: cass_olsen@yahoo.com

**Clinic spots will be held once we receive your 50% deposit.**