What can Evan's clinics do for you? 

Evan has spent the last decade studying horsemanship and has learned from the best of the best! People who ride with Evan leave with a better understanding of their horse... how they move, why they move and when to direct them. Evan's classes help both the horses and their owners: learn to be safer through skill and understanding; gain confidence through exposure and experience; and become successful through principle and purpose. It's all about learning the formula for success: Ambition, Principles, Patience and Sequence. Horsemanship is easy... it's all about getting the horse to want to be with you... whether you're on the ground or on their back. Time Frame: 2-3 days/6 hours each day.

What types of classes are offered? 

Evan offers many different types of classes and skill levels ranging from classes for people who are scared to get on their horse... to classes for people who want to enter competitions and even become trainers themselves someday. Evan's clinics combine many different disciplines and sports together to give you the best all around abilities you can have.

Foundation Horsemanship

Learn the basics of horsemanship groundwork and riding. Excellent for either the green horse or green rider. Half of the clinic covers groundwork designed to prepare the horse for being ridden, with the other half being on horseback. Students learn: how to teach proper ground manners, using a flag properly, how to get response with respect, getting relaxation without dullness, how to ride the horse by controlling the hindquarters and controlled catastrophes. Time Frame: 2-3 days/6 hours each day. 

Horsemanship 1 - Beyond the Basics

This clinic builds on the skills taught in the Foundation class. Riders learn how to go beyond the basics and stray away from the "kindergarten" exercises and develop the ability to control their horses feet. We will work on: how to communicate with your seat, the different leg positions, transitioning into one handed riding, guiding with your legs (round turns and square turns), energy management (go and whoa), diagonals, picking up leads, as well as overcoming problems. 

We'll also cover many trail riding related topics including: trailering, trail manners, natural obstacles, crossing water, controlling spooky situations, knot tying, tying on the trail, opening gates, picking the right gear etc. Time Frame: 1-3 days/6 hours each day. 



We take the time it takes to  properly halter break young horses. Participants will work on getting their horses used to being touched all over their body and preparing their horses for being saddled and ridden for the first time. All the ground work will be intended to prepare the horse  by learning what to do when he is afraid, as well as simulating what he'll be experiencing when he sees you on his back. Long gone are the days of breaking horses by bucking them out. We methodically prepare the horses by:building confidence in the human, building obedience and teaching yielding exercises. 

This type of work can then be applied to any horse young or old. If you are new to horses, this is the perfect class to start from scratch and build a lasting foundation with your horse. Have a troubled or bothered horse? Put him through this class and restart your horse's in a positive, progressive and natural way.  Time Frame: 4 days/3 hours each day. Class limit: 6 Cost

What are people saying about Evan's clinics?

"Evan is calm and consistent in his horsemanship. He made sure to address my concerns with my horse and provide resources going forward. I appreciate the level of care my horse received as well." - Julie Goodrich, Vancouver Washington

"I first saw Evan in 2008 at a demonstration he was giving. He was riding bareback and bridleless. I knew at that moment he had a big future ahead of him. I have had the opportunity to see him work several times sense then, and I'm always pleased, inspired, and learn a lot. I am very particular in who works with my horses, as I have my own thoughts and ideas. Evan has always been respectful of my opinion. He treats me like a fellow horsemen, even though we both know I have a lot to learn. Evan has worked with 2 of my horses, a Arab gelding, and a kiger mustang mare. Both of these breeds require a soft hand. He was gentile yet assertive. He gets more done on the first ride then most do in a month. Time with Evan is money well spent. I am very excited to work with him in the future." Brenda Porter, Port Orchard Washington