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  • 3922 113th Avenue Southwest
  • Olympia, WA, 98512
  • United States

Horsemanship 1 - Beyond the Basics
Cost: $150 per rider
Auditing: $20 per day. 

To sign up contact: Sandie Pearson
(360) 943-4470
(360) 789-1805

This clinic builds on the skills taught in the Foundation class. Riders learn how to go beyond the basics and go beyond the "kindergarten" habits and exercises that we get stuck it. They will develop a higher level of safety and skill which will lead to a greater level of fun and gratification with their horses. 

We will be working on: 
Advancing your body control (spins, shoulder control, rollbacks, stops etc)
Communicating with your seat
Leg positions
Guiding with your legs (round turns and square turns)
Transitioning into one handed riding
Energy management (go and whoa) 
Diagonals and picking up leads
Herd bound/Buddy sour problems

Wel may also cover many trail riding related topics including: Trailering
Trail manners
Natural obstacles
Crossing water
Controlling spooky situations
Knot tying
Tying on the trail
Opening gates
Picking the right gear etc.