• Olympic Glen Arena (map)
  • 14870 Glenwood Road Southwest
  • Port Orchard, WA, 98367
  • United States

Description: Learn the basics of horsemanship groundwork and riding. Excellent for either the green horse or green rider. 

Cost: $150. Class limited to 10 spots. 
Auditing: $20 per person. Bring your own seating.

If class fills we will create a wait list where you will have the first opportunity to sign up for the next clinic. 

What you need to bring:
Halter and Training Lead 12' maximum length (http://www.bitnspurtack.com/12brlero.html). 
Flag ( http://www.bitnspurtack.com/hofldodihaco.html
Saddle/Pad of your preference
Smooth mouth snaffle bit with reins of your preference
Spurs (optional)

Groundwork 9:00am-12:00pm
Lunch 12:00pm-1:pm
Riding 1:00pm-4:00pm

This class is ideal for the green rider who is looking to build confidence, or a green horse who may need some groundwork prior to riding. The morning is dedicated to working the horse from the ground in preparation for riding, with the afternoon being on horseback. You should be comfortable handling your horse on the ground and riding your horse at a walk. 

This class is all about learning the correct fundamentals to build a solid foundation for any dicipline. On the ground we will work on the skill of directing our horse's attention and feet in order to help him become quiet and responsive. Once in the saddle our main focus is getting him settled into a calm frame of mind, and being able to operate the horse through the hindquarter. 

Foundation Horsemanship Topics include:

-Prey animal psychology and herd dynamics
-Understanding body language
-How to get "Response with Respect"
-Leadership vs "bossmanship"
-Directing vs "chasing body parts"
-Yielding vs Moving
-Riding through the hindquarters
-Elements to build a solid foundation