• Anlan Cathel Ranch (map)

In this clinic you'll learn the essential information you'll need to have before you set out on the trail and how to put your newfound skills to use when you need them most.

This clinic covers trailering, trail manners, natural obstacles, essential groundwork, preparation in the saddle, crossing water, controlliong spooky situations, picking the right gear and more.

Other topics might include: 
Preparing At Home
Knot Tying
Tacking Up
Preflight Checks
Natural Obstacles
Water Crossings
Essential Groundwork
Despooking Exercises
Bend to a Stop
Follow the Rail
Passing Etiquette
"Follow the Leader" Game

Contact Christina Polston for pricing informatio and to sign up: 808-258-7266 or anlancathalranch@gmail.com