• Olympic Glen Arena (map)
  • 14870 Glenwood Road Southwest
  • Port Orchard, WA, 98367
  • United States

Cost: $150 per participant (Class limit 10)

Auditing: $20 per person (17 and under free)

Learn the basics of horsemanship groundwork and riding. Excellent for either the green horse or green rider. Half of the clinic covers groundwork designed to prepare the horse for being ridden, with the other half being on horseback.

Topics include:

-Essential Skills & Safety

-What every rider should know about staying safe in the saddle

-How a couple minutes can save you a hospital visit

-Preparing your horse without drilling or boring him

-10 Point Pre-Ride Checklist

-How to assess if your horse "looks rideable"

-How to mount and dismount with safety

-Why you shouldn't get on until your horse gives you permission

-Confidence in the Saddle

-Basic riding exercises every rider should know for balance and safety


Call 360-551-3736 to sign up